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Beijing Hanbaihan Medical Devices Co., Ltd. is a renowned manufacturer, supplier, and factory of medical devices, and it introduces its latest product, the Separating Gel PRP Tube. This product is designed to provide high-quality separation between blood components for efficient PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) collection and processing. With its advanced technology and top-notch materials, this product ensures excellent results for PRP therapy applications, such as skin rejuvenation, hair regeneration, and injury management. The Separating Gel PRP Tube is easy to use and compatible with most PRP kits available on the market. The tube features a clear marking system for precise volume measurement and filling. The gel layer effectively isolates platelets and prevents cell damage during centrifugation, resulting in a pure and concentrated PRP sample. Moreover, this product is CE and ISO certified, ensuring safety and reliability for medical professionals and patients alike. In summary, for efficient PRP separation, trust only the Separating Gel PRP Tube from Beijing Hanbaihan Medical Devices Co., Ltd. – your reliable partner for top-quality medical devices.

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